Should You Put A YouTube Video On Your Site?

I learned something last night from a fellow marketer that I thought should be shared with others. Personally, I have not ever placed a YouTube video on any of my sites but I had considered it a number of times. Here’s what I learned…

When you put a YouTube video on your site (a video that you found on YouTube and then copied the code and placed it on your site), it takes the visitor away from your site to YouTube’s site. When the video finishes playing, it also shows all sorts of videos related to the one you just watched as well as ads. While this may be ok for sites that are informational in nature, it could be costly for internet marketing sites. Why?

The key for internet marketers is to get people to your site. You get them there by a number of means that includes both paid and free. Most marketers work very hard for the traffic they get. When you get them there, you want them to stay as long as possible and you want them to buy something, download a viral report, fill out a subscription form, or something else that allows you to make money either now or in the future.

The last thing you want a visitor to do is leave your site without doing something that allows you to capitalize on their visit. Taking a visitor away from your site to YouTube by placing a video from YouTube on it, is not the way to go, especially if it’s your sales page.

I also learned that you don’t want to place your own video from YouTube on your site because the same thing will happen. So what do you do? Place the video on your site then place a duplicate of that video on YouTube. That way, if someone lands on your page and watches your video, they will just continue on down the page on your site after the video finishes and you don’t have to worry about losing them to another site. If someone goes to YouTube and watches your video, great! It may lead them to your site or they may stay on YouTube and watch other videos.

Hopefully I’ve explained this in clear enough terms so that you understand. If not, let me know and I’ll be happy to elaborate further.

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