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[title color=”red-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]Is Your Online Reputation Hurting Your Business?[/title]

Are you a business owner? What is your business’ reputation…online? If you’re like most business owners, you have no idea because you’re too busy running your business to deal with it. That could prove to be a terrible area to avoid.

Reputation Management plays a key role in your business success

Now more than ever, people are using the internet to find businesses to purchase goods and services from. In the years before the internet, people would tell about their experiences at places of business to the business owner, the employees, or they would tell their friends. People still do that!

With the advent of the internet and sites like Yelp, Foursquare, judy’s book, insiderpages, and many others, people are also leaving reviews of their experience with businesses online. People have gotten wise to this method of providing reviews of other’s experiences and are using reviews to make decisions on who to do business with. Most visitors to say they check the reviews for a product before purchasing.

Reputation Management helps you get more customers

Do you know how your business is doing online? Do you have a way to manage it? What would you do if you found a poor review of your business online? Do you know what to do and, most importantly, what not to do?

I do. As a Reputation Management Consultant, I know what to do to get your business more reviews as well as deal with any negative ones. If you’re concerned about your business’ reputation online and what people are saying about it, I know what to do. I can help you improve your business’ reputation, get more business in the door or to your website, and improve your bottom line. Contact me using the form on the contact page for a free no-obligation assessment of your business’ online reputation and what I can do to help your business be more successful.

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