Masterclass Update

I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything about John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass that I announced I had enrolled in. I am way behind. Much of this is due to work that has tied me down. I am a web designer and sometimes I have work that takes a bit of time depending on the client. While some websites are quite easy to build and don’t take longer than a few days, some take quite a bit longer and that’s where I’ve been for the past month or so. My workload is beginning to slow down a bit so I am able to dedicate some time again to the program.

I am currently working on Week 7 of the Masterclass and, so far, I have been very pleased with the class. John’s teaching method is through video, audio, pdf, and webinar. It works very well and the course progresses steadily starting off with the very basics. If you’re more advanced, the first 5-6 weeks will probably progress slowly for you and you might tend to get impatient. Just remember that you were once where many people are (newbie level) so you have to practice a bit of patience. The program will pick up and you’ll start expanding your knowledge.

So far since the class began, I’ve purchased a domain, established a hosting account, installed a wordpress blog, installed a special wordpress theme, installed plugins, added a subscription sign-up for a free report,  added Adsense to monetize my blog, learned how to add video (I still need to do this), and set up an autoresponder account.

While there are other exercises that the class has taken me through, these are the major areas. I am more advanced and most of this has been something that I’ve already done so it’s moved along a bit slow for me but I’m not complaining. Repetition is always good for solidifying your knowledge. I highly recommend John’s course if you want to break into the internet marketing arena. There’s a link to the right where you can get more information. If you don’t find the link, contact me and I’ll be happy to provide the link to you.

Stick with me and I will endeavor to provide more consistent updates on the class. This week we’re focusing on some advanced blogging tactics by installing a special widget for our blog and learning the basics of traffic generation.

Until next time…

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