How To Get Your Site Banned In Google Overnight

How to Get Your Site Banned in Google Overnight

How to Get Your Site Banned in GoogleWant to know how to get your site banned in Google very quickly? Do one of these things and you’ll see your site fall right off the grid in no time. Hint…you don’t want to let this happen!

Participate in Link Schemes – back in 2011, JC Penney’s lost their rankings for 3 months due to this. They fired their SEO agency and denied they had participated in the scheme.

Include Doorway Pages – poor-quality pages that are optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. In 2006, BMW was caught doing this and then redirecting the traffic to those pages to its German website, Their site rankings were reduced to zero as a result.

Sell links that pass PageRank – this is in direct violation of Google’s quality guidelines and includes advertorial pages. Interflora, a floral company, sent bloggers floral arrangements in exchange for links.

More ways on How to Get Your Site Banned in Google…

Scrape Content – a network of sites owned by a British Parliament member named Grant Shapps were blacklisted (removed for search results) due to copyright infringement and were found to be based not on unique content created by them but on content stolen from other sites.

Use a “Bad” Blog Network – a bad blog network is one with the purpose of creating backlinks to each site in the network.

(Bonus) Cloak your content – so that it shows different content to human users than it does to search engines. This is also against Google’s guidelines.

If you’re hiring an SEO company or a webmaster, or you already have one working for you, make sure you ask them about their methods. The ones above are referred to as “black hat” and, as already mentioned, are against Google’s guidelines. You should only work with individuals or companies that employ “white hat” strategies, with a little bit of “gray hat” techniques thrown in from time to time and they should know how to get your site banned in Google so they can avoid these types of costly mistakes.

How to Get Your Site Banned in Google

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