Facebook Page Image Size Cheat Sheet

Did you ever wish you had a Facebook page image size cheat sheet?

Have you ever needed to do something on your Facebook personal or business page like add a cover photo, profile photo, or create an ad and had no idea what size to make the images? Me too! It would seem that Facebook could put something right there on the page that told you what size is required, like other sites on the web do. That would make it very easy. For instance,  if you wanted to add or change your profile picture, you could just hover your mouse over the profile picture area then click on the “edit profile picture” and then “upload photo” and instantly it would tell you what size is required. However, Facebook doesn’t do that.

A Facebook page image size cheat sheet will save you time!

In my frustration with having to look this up, I decided that searching all over the place to get the information I needed was just too time-consuming. The sizes do change from time to time so you need to be aware of that. They are published but they aren’t all in one place forcing you to look in multiple areas to find them. I decided to put together a “cheat sheet” so I would have the information available at my fingertips instead of having to waste time looking them up. Since I’m not the only one that’s searched for this and found the whole process tedious and time-consuming, I’ve decided to offer it to you as a free download so you don’t have to waste the time I did to find the information you need when you need it.

By the way, if you have questions or need help with your Facebook business page, fill out form on the Contact page. I can help you set up your page correctly, market your business so others find and like your page, create engaging content so people have a good reason to come back to your page, and create ad campaigns to bring you more business.

Just click on the following link and you can download my Facebook Page Image Size Cheat Sheet.

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